Over 10 Years Spearfishing Experience
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Spearfishing is unlike any other form of of fishing in that it allows the diver to ensure they are correctly targeting the species they want, and making sure it is the right size before the fish has been taken. Commercial fishing creates tonnes of waste, with fish lost through by-catch simply getting dumped back into the sea.

By getting in to spearfishing you can make sure that at the very least least the fish on your dinner plate has been taken sustainably. Here at FreediveNZ, we consider spearfishing as less of a sport, but more of a way to gathering food for your table, and enjoying the satisfaction of knowing where it comes from.

Discover Spearfishing is a one day course that has been specifically tailored to New Zealand waters by a AIDA instructor James Keith, giving you peace of mind that not only are you learning to spearfish, but you are doing it in safe hands.


Discover Spearfishing Course: $200 (Full day)

This includes basic equipment and use of a speargun.

In the morning this course covers spearfishing theory, breath hold practice, dive technique training, equipment basics,

In the afternoon enjoy putting what you’ve learned into practice out in the water with you experienced instructor.

Dates are now available to book – but courses do get booked up quickly, so please get in touch to discuss suitable dates.