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The Advanced Spearfishing Course is designed for both new divers looking for a solid entry into spearfishing and more advanced spearos who are trying to improve their safety, bottom time, understanding of their quarry and the ways to hunt it.

Depending on your abilities and the conditions the diving will take place both in the pool and in the diverse and exciting waters of Northland NZ, where we will take you out on a boat to proper spearfishing marks whilst you do your dive training.

Spearishing Advanced NZ

“..dive deeper, stay there longer and ultimately… catch more fish!”

We concentrate on breath-hold techniques (in either a pool or the ocean), relaxation and underwater efficiency (all with spearfishing in mind). We then cover the equipment side of things, gun rigging, gun handling and shooting technique and safety. Your instructor will go through what fish you can catch, where to catch them and how to ensure you dispatch them cleanly, ethically and safely.

On the second day we take a boat out to an exciting spot somewhere on the coast where we hope to put you onto some good fish (conditions prevailing – on the odd occasion the boat can’t go out we will try to locate a protected spot to do a shore dive from).

During your training you will be using quality equipment and will have the opportunity to push your breath-hold to its fullest as you will have your instructor following you, giving you additional instruction and pointers as you go. You will also have the chance to hunt with a polespear as well as the spearguns if you wish, so you can discover what works best for you.

Advanced Spearfishing is a two day course that has been specifically tailored to New Zealand waters by a AIDA instructor James Keith, giving you peace of mind that not only are you learning to spearfish, but you are doing it in safe hands.


Advanced Spearfishing: $500 (Two Full days)

Day one
 of this course covers advanced spearfishing theory, breath hold practice, dive technique training, equipment in detail. Then moves on to a pool or open water session where you can enjoy putting what you’ve learned into practice out in the water with you experienced instructor,

Day two we briefly reflect on what was has been learned already, to go onto an open water dive where we hope to put you onto some good fish with your new knowledge. What comes next is up to you!

Dates are now available to book – but courses do get booked up quickly, so please get in touch to discuss suitable dates.


The Advanced Spearfishing Course includes AIDA 1 STAR Freediving Certification, snacks, water, hot drinks, boat hire and all equipment.