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Spearfishing courses we offer..


Discover Spearfishing

This foundation course covers breath-hold techniques, general freediving safety and the basics of spearfishing equipment and hunting.


Advanced Spearfishing

This two day course covers spearfishing equipment and hunting in much more detail, with a deeper analysis of freediving breath-holds and safety.


AIDA Freediving Courses

Learn to freedive with a qualified AIDA instructor, giving you peace of mind that you are learning to enjoy the underwater world in safe hands.

So you want to catch your own seafood sustainably?

We have a couple of courses that are just right for you!

We run the Discover Spearfishing course which is a a one day course for those with little to no experience of spearshing. This course will take you through all the basics, equipment, safety and techniques. It will cover some of the breath-hold skills but some people find that they want a bit more time to practice that aspect.

The Advanced Spearfishing course is a two day course that covers the diving and breath-hold aspects of spearfishing in more detail. It gives you more time to practice your skills whilst under expert tuition. This course is great for both the total beginner and the more advanced spearo.